Miniature LED’s

These are the one’s you see almost everyday in your life as indicators in mobile phones, television sets and a range of digital devices. They are usually available in market on a predefined,standard size & shape. This is to ensure its compatibility to different circuit boards. Different companies manufacture these LED’s in 5V and 12V ranges. They come in a “ready to fit” mode which can mounted on circuit boards directly. Usually they don’t need support of any additional cooling systems like a heat sink.






High Power LED

These LED’s are the result of advancements in semiconductor technology. As the name hints, these LED’s are known for its high output. They are capable of producing light output with higher luminous intensity. High power LED’s come in different shapes & sizes. A common example of high power LED in daily use is “LED strips” that are used light walls & room interiors. A picture of the same (an LED strip) is shown below. High power LED’s has very high heat dissipation. These LED’s need to mounted along with a cooling system (usually a heat sink).



Application Specific LED (AS-LED)

These are LED’s which are manufactured for a particular application in mind. Some examples are digital billboards, public displays, bi color & tri color LED’s. There are many other examples, which I can talk about.  A picture of the LED based digital display is shown below.